UPDATE: Beauty School, Makeup, and More!

Hey guys! It's been SO long since I've updated my buzznet! I need to start blogging more again! I miss it! Today I start Aveda to…
missmaddyclaire Aug 20, 2012
New Hair :pic
My 2011pic

LIGHTS & Beau Bokan engaged

I am so happy for them. <3 Reblogged from Ariel So I guess Lights and Beau Bokan from Bless The Fall are engaged! I don't think there…
missmaddyclaire Sep 04, 2011 Originally by ariel32

Outfit Inspiration

Everytime I see an outfit online that I love, I have a habit of saving it on my computer. Here are some of my favorites.
16 new pics
missmaddyclaire Aug 21, 2011
I've been neglecting my buzznet again.pic

I've been neglecting my buzznet again.

So sorry. I'll be back up and running. More posts tonight!
missmaddyclaire Jul 08, 2011


missmaddyclaire Jun 20, 2011


I've become addicted to Monsters thanks to my boyfriend. This needs to stop.
missmaddyclaire Jun 11, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection for Summer 2011

MAC's 2011 Summer Collection has me going crazy over the bright colors and neutral tones mixed together. I love it. I'm definitely considering purchasing the…
missmaddyclaire May 30, 2011

Inspiration: Photographer, Model and Fashionista, Felice Fawn

Photographer and model Felice Fawn, age 22, from London, England is extremely talented. I stumbled across her while browsing tumblr one day and the first thing…

Photo Journal: Graduation 2011

I graduated from high school last night. The whole time I thought I was going to be this huge emotional wreck when I walked across…
Parking Garage.pic

Parking Garage.

Taken a while I ago by my friend, Kathy. She's an amazing photographer and the reason I started modeling. She has inspired me to become…


A portrait I took of my beautful friend, Kathy.
missmaddyclaire May 24, 2011

Super Spicy Summer Shorts!

With Summer finally approaching, the layers are coming off. Goodbye to your favorite pair of jeans and hoodies and hello to cute tanks and shorts…

Inspiration: Eerie Photographs by Denise Grunstein

Denise Grunstein is a Swedish photographer I discovered quite a while ago. Ever since I first found her, I've had her website bookmarked on my…
What I Wore Today: 52011.pic

What I Wore Today: 5/20/11.

Shirt: Glamour Kills High Waisted Shorts: Buffalo Exchange Beanie: Forever 21
missmaddyclaire May 20, 2011
Let me introduce myself....pic

Let me introduce myself....

Formally posting at http://msunshinee.buzznet.com, I felt like it was time for a fresh start. Today was my very last day of high school so I'm…
missmaddyclaire May 19, 2011
Whaddup Webcam.pic
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